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Available in Paperback or eBook

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What Our Readers Are Saying...

Each year we provide our new Directors with a copy of Call to Order. We actually amended our By-Laws several years back to indicate that the procedures at meetings of our Board shall be according to Call to Order.  


I have read both books and find them to be very useful and informative. I'm excited about each of our board members having their own copy. 


The books are excellent and will definitely help the confidence for our association (and myself) going forward.


These books are a must-read for any non-profit association.


Call to Order has been a great success and most enthusiastically adopted by our Branch chairs. 


In our Condo Act there are plenty of rules and regs but nothing addresses how a meeting is to be conducted or the rules of order of a meeting. So your book is very helpful.

R. W.

I will be giving a copy of these books to each of our board members at our first meeting.


These books are appropriate for newly created boards and also can be a great refresher for established boards. I make them the "homework" for our new board members. 


Call to Order and The Board are extremely helpful books. They will go a long way in orienting our Board.