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Meeting Rules, Procedures and Advice for Non-Profit Organizations

Call to Order is a book of rules and procedures especially designed for meetings of not-for-profit organizations. Since it was first published in 1984, Call to Order has helped thousands of people in many kinds of not-for-profit organizations have more effective and harmonious meetings.

In the Second Edition, the authors have updated the rules and added sound advice on a wide range of meeting situations. They have also provided examples of best practices drawn from their years of personal experiences both as staff and volunteer. Call to Order now provides not only the rules of the game, but also advice on winning plays.

Call to Order recognizes the unique needs of people involved in meetings of not-for-profit organizations — members of boards of directors, chairs, officers, and members and volunteers in professional associations, charities, churches, non-governmental organizations, social agencies, school councils, youth organizations, clubs, condominium owners' groups, and many others.

The meeting rules and procedures in Call to Order are easy to understand and apply. They eliminate the confusion and frustration often caused by other rules of order that were designed over a century ago for the meetings of the United States House of Representatives and Canadian and British parliaments.

Call to Order has been included in the by-laws of numerous organizations as the rules of order governing their meetings.

With Call to Order, you'll be better prepared and more confident in participating in or leading meetings of not-for-profit organizations. As a result, your meetings will be more productive — and more enjoyable.

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